Monday, December 3, 2007

"Virtual Learning" Section

Part of the things I love the most about my job is doing research. When you come up with such innovative and recent information for your own professional development its just priceless. They are tons of websites you can choose from to make your job more efficient,easier and fun.
That's why I want to introduce a very interesting section in the blog site that is called " Virtual Learning" This section will have links to great sites such as virtual museums, virtual games, interactives, virtual trips, etc.
Wikipedia quotes that, most prominent of these in contemporary philosophy has been Gilles Deleuze, who uses the term virtual to refer to something that every object carries with it, which is neither its reality, nor merely what it could have been, but rather what it is imagined to be. "Virtual" is therefore taken to mean a potential state that could become actual. "Virtual" is not opposed to "real" but opposed to "actual," whereas "real" is opposed to "possible."
Take a look at these links so you can try them out in your classrooms.

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