Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Adding Word Documents to a Blog

Once you start blogging you don't want to stop. So I try to be updating myself with new information and tips to work with the blog. I have been asked by teachers that are working with their blogs if there is a way to upload word documents to their blog? The answer is yes! I have been looking for the best and easy way to do this and I found two ways that can be helpful:
  • You need to go to Google Docs and sign in with your google account in this case with your Blogs username and password. Once you get in you need to click on "Upload" then you need browse your computer to select the file you want to upload, give a name to it since you can save it in you google docs file and then click on upload file. Then you will see your file and you can make any last minute changes if you need since google docs is similar to a word processor. Click on "Publish" then click on "post to blog". Yo will need to fill in the blog settings which is easy because they ask you only to write your blogs information. You need to work with the size if you are uploading a landscape page form this will depend on the template form you have on your blog. Some templates are wider but other are not. Keep this in mind when you upload this way.

  • The other way you can upload Word or PDF file is by using a free file host. This allows you to upload files. The one I have been using is called Hosting Bulk. You just select the file you want to upload and click on upload file and this will give you a link, copy the link and paste it on your blog as a HTML item page. Look on your template to add a new item page and choose to add a html. When you click on this link you will be able to download your file. They are many free file host you can use check on this list GHacks.

Both ways can work for you. Please let me know how it went OK.

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Rüştü Sakallı said...

Thanks for your valuable instructions about loading a document into the blog. I followed your first suggestion through google doc, and I did it. However one thing happened, that is, whatever the text was in the doucment just appeared in my blog. Whereas, I wanted to put only a link to my blog which would allow the readers to download the word document or read in their computers. Do you happen to know whether it is possible to load a word document to the blog which can be downloaded by the viewers by only clicking the link on the blog?