Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fun Sites you can Use for Learning Too

Larry Ferlazzo's Edublog is fascinating. Here are some websites I found and read about in his blog that are great.
Willing to Try is a website that shows various shapes, like a circle or a stick. You click on one (for example, on the circle). It then gives you a choice of it being a moon, stick, or hole. You choose one, and then you see a short and simple story in movie form using the circle as the form you chose. To learn vocabulary.

Color in Motion it’s an engaging site where English Language Learners can not only learn the words for colors, but also many words that the different colors symbolize. Artistic site to learn vocabulary.
Viscosity is website to create abstract art. Watch a screen cast first to see how it works.

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Larry Ferlazzo said...

Glad you find the resources helpful!

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