Monday, November 24, 2008

Free Parenting Tool


I found this wonderful site full of tips makes the idea of watching a movie into a great family adventure which will help you and your kids to share, learn and have fun.

Kids Off the Couch Website was founded by two moms, Diane Shakin and Sarah Bowman, it offers a free, weekly, fun filled, adventure that shows parents how to connect families to each other and the world around them. "Their idea is to get kids off the couch by sitting them on the couch to watch a movie. Which means that you can take an activity that you and your kids would do anyways (a family movie night or trip to the theater) and turn it into a family adventure afterwards (the "off the couch" portion of the entertainment). " From the Goody Blog

The free newsletter includes red flags for parents to know about beforehand, conversation starters for after the movie, and cultural connections.

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