Tuesday, February 17, 2009

iLearn Technology

iLearn Technology is an edublog written by Kelly Tenkely, a K-5 Technology Specialist/ Teacher, that has so many amazing resources teachers can use to integrate technology into their classrooms.

I will be posting some of her wonderful stuff to share with you all.

Cyberbee Copyright : is an online flash application to teach students about copyright laws.

Primary Access :This incredible site has a web-based tool that offers students and teachers simple access to digital images and materials that provides them the opportunity to create personal narratives. For teachers to sign for an account you need to register here.

Math Arcade is part of the fun brain website. Is a game for kids to practise their math skills. The game is an intercative board game kids enjoy playing.

Crick Web Literacy Resource is an excellent collection of interactive games for language development and practice in students.

Mrs. P’s Magic Library is a free website for kids that celebrates reading and books. Ideal for beginning readers, ESL and even home-schooling. Mrs. P is a virtual librarian who brings the stories alive in an interactive way. Since its a in flash it may take a while to dowload, but please be patient is worth it.

Middle Spot is a search engine for teachers, librarians, and students performing research. Middle Spot lets you see your results, you can pan and zoom individual website results.

Tools for Educators is a site that gives teachers templates to create their own board games, word searches, dice, cross word maker, bingo cards, domino maker, spelling and reading worksheets, handwriting worksheets, certificate maker, vocabulary handouts, listening test worksheets, and word bank worksheet.

Pocket Manila is a site that provides online notebooks that can be used as a journal, blog, idea bank, photo album, portfolio, group blog, ezine, story book, and more. Pocket Manila keeps the notebook metaphor alive with some cool and unique features like Smart-page and Color-swap. Smart-page automatically splits your entries into several pages instead of one long post. It also resizes your pictures to fit the page without distortion. Color-swap, when enabled, allows you and your visitors to interchange the colors you have selected by simple drag n' drop.

Movavi is a free, online video converter. You just enter a URL of a video or upload a file, choose your preferred output format, and enter your email address.

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