Friday, February 6, 2009


Thinkport is the product of an on-going partnership between Maryland Public Television (MPT) and Johns Hopkins University Center for Technology in Education (CTE).

Thinkport is a all-in-one educational resource for students, teachers and parents. It offers rich online educational resources, valued professional development, and innovative multimedia learning tools. You can browse Thinkport through any of their four channels, Think Classroom, Think Career, Think Technology, Think Family & Community.
  1. Through Think Classroom you'll be able to find activity kits, instructional TV, Internet links, lessons, reading strategies and more.
  2. Through Think Career you'll be able to expand your experience through professional development programs and interaction with your peers online.
  3. In Think Technology you'll be able to experience educational games, simulations, blogs, podcasting.
  4. The Think Family & Community is addressed to parents and their sharing with their kids education.
You may search thinkport without subscribing, but I recommend you do so because as a user
you get entitled to use some other tools like lesson builder, project builder, student activity builder, calendar, website creator, etc. The subscription is free.

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