Monday, May 18, 2009

Original post by Emerging Internet Technologies for Education

Original post by Emerging Internet Technologies for Education Blog you must read. Specially if you are an educator starting to think about technology in the classroom preparing for the 21st century learning.

"There are so many different tools and technologies available on the internet today, and so many associated terms and concepts. As I think about topics to focus on here in the coming months, I want to make sure we’re touching on the most important ones. What are the most important internet technologies for educators to be aware of, and informed about? I’m sure many people would probably come up with a slightly different list, but based on my observations and experiences, and feedback from faculty at my institution, I have selected the following technologies. I do not mean to imply that every educator should be expected to use all of these technologies in the classroom, but rather that every educator should understand what these are, the potential they have in the classroom, and how their students may already be using them." - by Kelly Walsh

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Another great posts by Kelly Walsh, Director of Institutional Information & Technology at The College of Westchester in White Plains, NY and author of this amazing blog.

5 reasons why educators need to embrace internet technologies.

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