Wednesday, August 19, 2009

25 Places to Find Free Printables, Worksheets, and Lesson Plans Online

I found this list on a blog called I want to teach forever, done by Mr. D McAllen, TX, United States.

Thinkfinity - This website from the Verizon Foundation offers free lesson plans in addition to a lesson plan search engine that pulls results from all over the web.

PBS Teachers - PBS Teachers is a great website for educators who need lesson plans, curriculum ideas, and materials for classroom activities.

The Apple - The Apple is a social network for teachers. The site provides an excellent lesson plan section where teachers can search for lesson plans or submit a lesson online.

We the Teachers - This online community for teachers provides a lesson plan search engine and a place for teachers to meet and share classroom activities and curriculum ideas online.

TeachersRecess - The File Cabinet at TeachersRecess is another great site for teachers to find and share lesson plans and worksheets.

Tapped In - The online education community is a place for teachers to collaborate and share lesson plans.

HotChalk - HotChalk has a wide range of free resources for teachers. One particularly valuable resource is the Lesson Plans Page which host more than 3,000 free lesson plans for K-12 educators.

Teacher Focus - This site's Lesson Plan Library provides lesson plans for a wide range of subjects, including art, music, health, P.E., science, math, language arts, and literature.

The New York Times Daily Lesson Plan - This NYT website features a daily lesson plan to help engage students in the news.

Lesson Plan Central - Lesson Plan Central provides thousands of free worksheets, printables, and lesson plans for teachers. Other resources include classroom clip art, PowerPoint templates, and web quests.

The Lesson Plan Library - Discovery Education's Lesson Plan Library offers free lesson plans for K-12 teachers. Most plans are designed to accompany Discovery VHS and DVD titles.

TeAchnology - This free online teacher resource is one of the most comprehensive on the web. The site offers over 30,000 free lesson plans in addition to 7,000+ free printable worksheets.

Read Write Think - This NCTE website offers free standards-based lesson plans and classroom activities for K-12 teachers.

Math Fact Cafe - Math teachers will love this site which offers free math worksheets for elementary students.

English Banana - The English Banana offers hundreds of free printable worksheets for English teachers. The site also provides resources for drama teachers.

VH1 Music Studio Lesson Plans - VH1 Music Studio provides dozens of free lesson plans for music teachers.

Crayola Lesson Plans - Crayola provides hundreds of standards-based lesson plans and lesson plan ideas for K-12 teachers. Subject areas include language arts, social studies, science, math, and visual arts.

School Express - This education site offers more than 15,000 free printables and worksheets for the classroom. School Express also provides quiz makers, puzzle makers, and other helpful tools.

The Educator's Reference Desk - With more than 2,000 free lesson plans and 3,000+ links to other educational materials, this site is a great reference for teachers who need classroom materials.

abcteach - Although abcteach does offer special materials to paid members, the site also provides thousands or worksheets that can be downloaded and printed for free. - This free government website is a good place to find lesson plans, classroom activities, and other teaching aids for a wide range of subjects. - provides free printable worksheets for home and school use. Most of the worksheets are designed for K-5 teachers, but there are also worksheets available for preschool educators. - This online resource offers printable math, phonics, and grammar worksheets for elementary and middle school teachers.

Awesome Library - The Awesome Library hosts nearly 40,000 free (and reviewed) education resources for teachers of every subject.

Family Education - This site has a Printables Center with thousands of free educational printables and activities for students of all ages.

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