Monday, August 3, 2009

New School Year Resources

This list of resources has been compiled by Kristina Robertson (2007), who wrote an article "Gear Up for a New School Year" for the website Colorin Colorado.

  • Colorin Colorado: First-Year Teacher Resources

    These resources for teachers just getting started include strategies, advice, and lots of ideas!

  • Learning the Language

    Learning the Language is a blog sponsored by Education Week and written by Mary Ann Zehr. The blog tackles difficult policy questions surrounding English-language learning, explores learning innovations, and shares stories about different cultural groups.

  • Larry Ferlazzo's Websites of the Day

    Larry Ferlazzo maintains an award-winning educational blog and free monthly newsletter where he disseminates links to innovative Web sites for teaching ESL.

  • hELLo Newsletter

    The free hELLo Newsletter, produced by the Big Deal Book, is available by email subscription and online. It specifically targets K-12 and Adult ELL educators, program directors, and media specialists by providing access to imaginative and interactive Web environments and free materials.

  • A to Z Teacher Stuff: Activities for the First Day of School

    A wealth of links to creative first day activities, including ideas such as an "I Can't Funeral" and "Dear Me" letters.

  • Scholastic: Back-to-School Resources

    Links to many back-to-school resources, including examples of welcome letters.

  • Scholastic: Welcome to the First Day of School

    Article providing ideas for many first day activities to start the year in an exciting way.

  • ProTeacher Community

    This website has many original "first day of school" ideas submitted by classroom teachers, and many are grade level specific.

  • Activities for the First Day of School

    A list of activities, lesson preparation tips, ice breakers and classroom organization from Kim's Korner for Teacher Talk.

  • I Love That Teaching Idea: First Day Ideas

    First day of school ideas submitted by teachers, categorized by grade levels and subject areas.

  • Education World: Fourteen Great Activities for the First Days of School!

    An article that includes 14 creative first day of school activity ideas.

  • The First Days of School

    This is a very popular book that can be found in many new teacher orientation programs to help teachers get off to a good star in the new school year. This link goes to the book's Amazon page.

  • AFT: Managing Your First Day of School

    The American Federation of Teachers offers tools for teachers in this section of its website, including tips for planning and managing the first day of school.

  • Colorín Colorado: ELL Starter Kit

    The Colorín Colorado "Starter Kit" has many helpful forms to help educators keep better records of their students’ literacy and language skills, a list of Spanish-English cognates, and helpful phrases and words in Spanish.

  • Colorín Colorado: Back-to-School Resources

    Lots of links to helpful resources for new as well as experienced teachers and other educators who are looking for more information on how to start the year right with their ELL students.

  • Icebreakers for Students

    On's Secondary Education website, you can find many icebreaker ideas for starting the school year and new classes. Many activities can be used for the elementary level, as well.

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