Monday, September 28, 2009

Free Math Games

Thanks to Richard Byrne for writing about this sites in his blog.

Manga High is a new site offering free mathematics games for K-12 students. There are four games and a quiz program that offer graduated activities. Students earn gold, silver, and bronze "coins" to track their progress. While the games and quiz program are free, the rest of Manga High is a fee-based service.

Calculation Nation is a mathematics game site offering games for most K-12 students. Calculation Nation offers students the opportunity to practice their mathematics skills individually or in a head-to-head format playing against other students. For parents and teachers, Calculation Nation offers PDF suggestions for using Calculation Nation.

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Tom said...

woww...nice and great idea these games,k 12 mathematics curriculum in games,it make that maths are more easy for children and more understandable for them...