Thursday, November 12, 2009

Learn from ilearn

This resources were shared by the ILearn Technology Blog.

Learn Direct

This UK website allows you to create and modified your own story book. You can customize each of story pages. Once you finish you can read it online, saved it as a PDF or printed out.

BBC World War II For Elementary

This is a great site to explore with your class to learn more about World War II. Students will learn about the world at war, evacuations, wartime homes, food and shopping, the war time efforts, children at war, air raids, daily life, growing up during wartime, and the end of the war. Each section has easy-to-understand information and pictures. Students can also be a historical detective with a World War II time capsule game. The teacher section has an amazing collection of related worksheets, activities, and links that can be used with the site. -Kelly Tenkely-
Math Nook

Is a website with many math flash games for students to play and practice their math skills.

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