Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Discovery's Parent Corner

Discovery Education has launched Parent Corner, a free website with interactive digital content for learners of all ages. Parent Corner features Motivation Station, whichoffers creative and useful ideas for motivating students, including tips and suggestions about fitting in at school,managing homework, dealing with sibling rivalry, and more. Motivation Station includes a tool that helps parents pen encouraging notes and cards to inspire their students’ academic growth. Parent Corner’s Homework Help resources include thousands of online videos, simulations, texts, and links in subjects such as science, English, social studies, and mathematics. WebMATH, another resource featured on Parent Corner, is for students and parents struggling with math homework. This digital tool generates answers to specific math questions and problems and displays them in real time, demonstrating how the solution was reached, after a user types in a math problem and clicks “solve.” -Learning and Leading December 2009-January 2010 Edition-

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