Friday, December 4, 2009

Learning with Technology and Learning Today

Resources shared by the Educational Software Blog from the Learning Today Website.

Free Phonics Lesson
Have fun with phonics as you travel through space aboard the Navigator! This interactive tutorial introduces students to consonant digraphs ph, th, sh and ch. Through the use of interactive game-like activities, colorful graphics, and supportive audio feedback, elementary students are encouraged to explore how "two letters can make a different sound when they come together"!

Free Pan Balance

Looking for a fun way to introduce students to the concept of equivalence? Try our free pan balance applet that we developed in conjunction with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM). It is freely available on their Illuminations website. The pan balance applet can be used with students in PreK (with some guidance of course!) all the way up through 8th grade to investigate relationships among the weights of various objects and explore the concept of equivalence.

Resources about Cause and Effect

Fun K-5 Algebra Lessons

Our latest lessons are designed to help algebraic thinking come alive for elementary students. Through interactive activities using musical penguins, colorful blocks, bouncing balls, and in-out machines, students in grades K-5 are introduced to key concepts such as patterns, relationships, functions, equations and inequalities.

Lessons are fast-paced and game-like and include specific feedback. Students who struggle are shown detailed explanations, including rich animations and audio, in a fun, non-threatening way.

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