Thursday, February 4, 2010

Learning About The Haiti Earthquake

Larry Ferlazzo, created a list of resources to learn about the earthquake in Haiti.

This are just some of the sites he included on the list. If you want to check the rest of themjust go to his blogsite.

A Tent in Port-au-Prince is a panoramic view of life inside a tent for a Haitian family. It’s from The New York Times.

Eyewitness in Haiti is a slideshow from LIFE.

Haiti: Three Weeks Later is from The Boston Globes’ Big Picture.

The New York Times has posted a panoramic view inside the devastated Cathedral in Haiti. You can certainly get a sense of the strength of the earthquake by looking at it.

Two new infographics just came out showing which countries are giving how much to help victims of Haiti’s earthquake:

One is from the British newspaper The Guardian and is quite easy to understand.

The other is from GOOD Magazine and looks far cooler, but the information is not particularly accessible (at least to me).Stephen Downes also points out that Canada’s sizable contribution is not included in it.

Major Earthquake Hits Haiti is a collection of all Washington Post photos on the disaster. The Post also has a special page on the quake that’s regularly updated.

Hope for Haiti Event Raises Millions is a Breaking News lesson for ELL’s.

CNN has an incredible 360 degree video from Haiti. I have never seen a 360 degree video before. Thanks to Jerry Swiatek for the tip.

The Big Picture has The Faces of Haiti.

Here’s a good interactive map.

The BBC has a very interesting interactive map and information on relief supplies getting to the island.

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