Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Maths Dictionary For kids! 

Thanks to Lauren Grossberg for writing about this math site.

A Maths Dictionary for Kids, an online resource for math terms and visual aides, has been updated for the 2010 year. Started by an Australian K-6 teacher, it now includes more terms, definitions, and visual aids than it has previously had. This site is great because it provides straightforward and understandable definitions of the sometimes complicated math terms. Along with over 400 definitions there is a small diagram or some sort of interactive activity or game to help students visually see the term's definition. Just like any other dictionary, all the math terms are arranged alphabetically.
 A Maths Dictionary for Kids is a great resource to help students when they are working on homework assignments, individual in-class assignments or larger group projects. The visual clues that go along with each definition are helpful for students who find it more difficult to visualize the actual meaning of a math term.

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