Monday, October 13, 2008

21rst Century Reading

I read a post about Freedom of Read in the Infinite Thinking Machine Blog written by Lucie deLaBruere were she talks about the limiting of children's access to 21st century reading and the importance of technology integration into the classroom during literacy time.

"When I suggest strategies for integrating technology into classroom literacy time, some teachers question whether these strategies would be "approved" activities. Many of the research based materials were developed around teaching students to read using print media. We need literacy specialists offering professional development in schools to also include strategies that integrate reading digital media."

Luci also mentioned a reading specialist Julie Coiro, her website on Literacy, Information and Technology in Education (LITE) is a training and support for teachers integrating technology in their curriculum's. I think her website is just wonderful even though its from the year 2000 but I think it could be an interesting guide for those teachers just starting with technology.
She recommends to
''Try allowing the computer stations in your room to be a
choice during sustained silent reading time. Here are a few sites to get you

1. Screen
Actors Guild Foundation reads stories aloud to children. This site includes
videos,related activities and downloadable activities guide. What a great
listening center activity.

students access to some online fiction and nonfiction books with pictures for
younger readers to read online from Starfall- a site full of reading resources
targeted for early readers.

3. the includes guided reading stories, interactive whiteboard reading
activities, literacy lessons, and resources that have been developed to help
emerging readers learn to read.

4. Universe
is a web community devoted to beautiful children's picture books. READ hundreds
of offerings from today's best children's book publishers, CREATE e-books with
the help of an easy-to-use Author Tool, and CONNECT with other Big Universe
members to share your creations and to learn what books they have read, created,
or recommend. Parents, teachers, kids, authors, and others can share and learn
while they enjoy this educational and entertaining website.

5. you tried
giving students print and audio access to books in the public domain?Project
Gutenberg is the first and largest single collection of free electronic books,
or eBooks. Look for Huckleberry Finn, Alice in Wonderland, Sherlock Holmes… and
many many more. For sites that offer audio versions of some of these books check
how about having your students record themselves reading aloud and contribute to
the project itself.

Engage your students to be 21rst century readers!


Lucie deLaBruere said...

Thank you for linking to my Infinite Thinking Machine post. It lead me back to your blog where I found lots of goodies for a series I do called Friday Five on my web site. The Friday Five idea I borrowed from another colleague,Lucy Gray. Look forward to exploring the resources you include.

Lidia Sevilla said...

Thanks to you Lucie! I look forward too share with you also.