Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Imagination Prompt Generator

From the Free Technology For Teachers Blog

Sometimes the hardest part of teaching creative writing or starting a
creative writing assignment, is generating a story idea.
This is where the Imagination Prompt Generator comes to your aid.

The Imagination Prompt Generator randomly generates prompts for starting a
fictional story.
Imagination Prompt Generator is part of the Creativity Portal which offers
ideas for free creative projects. Most of the project ideas in the kids section
of the Creativity Portal are appropriate for elementary school and possibly
middle school age students.

If you're looking for more writing prompt resources, consider
The Story Starter and Writing Fix.

Applications for Education
The Imagination Prompt Generator and the Creativity Portal are good
resources for teachers looking for fictional writing ideas or classroom
projects. The only drawback to the Creativity Portal is the poorly placed
advertising might be a distraction for some students.

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